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The opportunity for ministry training is often out of reach for many who face diverse challenges in acquiring an education but have a call and a desire to fulfill their destiny. We have developed a study program to enable those who have a keen interest for ministry services. An applied approach to teaching and learning is emphasized. It embraces a structured system of classroom training, independent studies and experience of practical hands-on training. Students learn in an environment where others share similar goals and directions with emphasis on developing a real relationship with the Lord. The foundation of this teaching is biblical in nature.


The educational program is extended over a period of 2 years with 4 semesters. Each semester covers a period of 4 months and includes 8 courses. (September - December and January – April). The courses are Biblical in nature and encompass behavioural, legal, spiritual, organizational and administration; relevant and appropriate to ministry functions, activities and responsibilities.

Semestered Courses

Courses include such topics as Old Testament survey, New Testament survey, theology of worship, principles of prayer, ministerial ethics, leadership, financial stewardship, governance, pastoral counselling, world religion and cults, church history and many others. For a complete list of courses please contact LOWM.


Courses are taught during the evenings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. Classes start at 6:30 pm.The study program as planned, encourages students to work during the day while affording the opportunity to pursue their studies. It also allows students the flexibility to manage their study time effectively.


The program accommodates anyone who desires to study (1) selected courses only, (2) all of the 16 courses required for a Certificate or (3) all of the 32 courses required for a Diploma.



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Application for Diploma Program

For more information contact:

Albert Ganesh
Dean of LOWM Education