Light of the World Ministries
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Light of the World Ministries


Our Vision is to encourage and educate people to live a purposeful life towards fulfilling the Call of the Great Commission.


The Mission of LOWM is to:
  • Enable the disadvantaged to build, strengthen and develop an intimate relationship with God

  • Encourage people to know the inspired Word of God and Biblical Life Principles

  • Motivate people to share their talents and abilities in helping one another


We believe that Spiritual growth and maturity in Christ will be achieved as we live according to Biblical principles; living in the Word, Truth, Prayers and Fellowship with other believers.

Expression of reciprocity...loving one another.

We are all equal in the sight of God. We are vessels of His Power, Plan and Purpose.

Refrain from gossip. The truth will set you free. Never undervalue the power of the spoken word.

React with promptness and genuine desire to help others. God has given us different talents and abilities for the benefit of serving others.

Being cordial and always welcoming, regardless of one’s condition or position.

Put your trust and faith in God. Lean not on your own understanding. Infinite possibilities are born out of Faith.

Integrality & Excellence
Striving for excellence is an act of Faith. God is not honoured or glorified by mediocrity. Serve God in excellence and in Love.

Leadership & Accountability
Exercising prudence and good stewardship.

Education & Knowledge
Maturity is an expression of a Life Long Learning desire.


Tenets of Faith

Staff & Faculty